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Abiodun Anifowose

I am a Ph.D. degree holder in chemistry.

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My Skill Set


Organic Chemistry

I designed and synthesized 60 organic molecules including 13 water-soluble amino acid prodrugs to solve a major drug developability issue.


Process & Quality Control

I worked 4 years at Lafarge in the process and quality capacity using both statistical process control (SPC) and wet chemistry to achieve key process parameters.



At Lafarge, I worked with X-ray fluorescence spectrometer and X-ray diffractometer and troubleshot them as needed. I also have experience troubleshooting HPLC.


Data Analytics (Python)

I am interested in using Advanced data analytics and chemisty to understand and improve the process efficiency and capability of a product manufacturing line.

Soft Skills Demonstrated

Safety Consciousness

Diversity Awareness

Stress Management

Emotional Intelligence

Ownership & Teamwork

Time Management

Willing to relocate


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2019 – Current

Chemistry Instructor

Georgia State University.
  • Teaching and presentation of basic facts of organic chemistry lab (45 sophomores)
  • Administration of exams and managing students’ data using advanced statistical tools
  • Mentored students on basic laboratory operations and administered data collection training

Aug 2014 – Current

Ph.D. Candidate – CHEMISTRY

Georgia State University.
  • Operated a 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spec.
  • Monitored the kinetics of chemical reactions using HPLC.
  • Achieved structural elucidation of molecules using IR Spec.
  • Designed and synthesized 60 novel analogs of natural product-derived organic molecules using various synthetic techniques.
  • Designed and synthesized 13 Amino acids prodrugs of a novel organic molecule. The in-vitro release was also demonstrated.
  • Achieved about 12,000 folds increase in solubility of a poorly soluble anti-cancer agent by prodrug strategy – this is a major drug developability issues especially if a drug must make through the FDA.
  • Synthesized a novel molecule that induced apoptosis in a cancer cell by reactivation of p53 protein via the MDM2/MDM4 axis.
  • Managed CHEMATIX (chemical management system) and safety

Jul 2010 – July 2014

Quality Assurance Technician

Lafarge Africa Plc.
  • Maintained specification of raw materials using XRD and XRF.
  • Start-off team member of an ISO compliant laboratory in a 2.2 million metric tonnes Lafarge Cement project (the Lakatabu Project – Ewekoro II Cement Plant), Nigeria.
  • Managed routine sampling and conducted materials processing and wet chemistry to make a judgment on the quality.
  • Conducted physical and chemical testing on new products for quality assurance.
  • Contributed to new product developments.
  • Conducts tests on raw materials throughout stages of production to determine control over such variables as blaine specific surface area, lost on ignition (LOI), lime saturation factor (LSF).
  • Worked within the ISO regulations and always in compliance for all laboratory testing.
  • Achieved a 1.46 CK ratio (cement/clinker) through effective sampling, testing, and standardization.
  • Contributed to plant-wide safety. Particularly, the usage of first aid kits and essential medical device.
  • 5% increase in CSI over a period of 2 years of quality assurance.
  • Zero LTI for 4 years of working in a high-risk environment.
  • 7% reduction in DM (deficient material) production.
  • Improved plant’s KPI through efficient quality and process control


2014 – 2019

Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry).

Georgia State University

Advanced Research Methods | Molecular Modelling | Mass Spectroscopy | Mechanistic Organic Synthesis | Bio-molecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance | Medicinal Chemistry | Advanced Organic Synthesis | Nucleic Acid Synthesis and Drug Design | Protein Structures and Functions | Biochemistry | Special Topics in Organic Chemistry | Research Ethics |

2004 – 2008

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), First Class Honors.

University of Lagos

Statistics | Linear Algebra and Coordinate Geometry | Calculus | Applied Spectroscopy | Natural Products Chemistry | Organic Synthesis | Chemistry of Bio-active Organic Compounds | Methods of Chemical Analysis | Organometallics | Chemical Thermodynamics | Chemical Kinetics | Biology | Applied physics | Applied Mathematics | Phylosophy | Use of English | Introduction to Computer Science | Information Processing Methods

2015 – 2018

Computer Programming

Udemy  E-Learning System

Python | Data Analytics | JMP | SQL

Areas of professional expertise

Advanced Organic Synthesis


Quality Assurance and Control

Data Analytics (JMP,Python, SQL)

Statistical Process Control

Equipment Troubleshooting and Industrial Safety

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Awards and Recognition

University of Lagos | Center for Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • CDT Research Fellowship: 2015 – 2018
  • Best Student in Basic Organic Chemistry (2006)
  • Best Student in Modern Physics (2006)
  • Best Semester GPA at 300L (1st Semester) 2007
  • University Scholar: University of Lagos (’05 – ’08)

Conferences and Meetings

America Chemical Society | Georgia Research Alliance
  • Chemistry for New Frontiers – 2019
  • Nexus of Food, Energy & Water -2018
  • Meeting of Georgia Eminent Scholars – 2016


Xiaoxiao Yang

Postdoctoral Fellow / Georgia State University.

Abiodun is a great guy. I worked with him on two different projects; he is up for anything that will move the project forward. He has a very good working relationship with every lab member. I recommend him highly.

Wale Lawal

Process and Project Engineer / Tokai Carbon CB.

Abiodun is a versatile professional who has a passion for knowledge transfer within Chemistry and general knowledge. During my time with him as a student at the University of Lagos, I know him to be very diligent and result-oriented individual. He supported several students to achieve academic excellence while studying full-time. He facilitated a simple research method that improves undergraduate students interest in research. Abiodun is very detail oriented, a quick study, and an excellent collaborator. Abiodun possesses outstanding communication skills and a well-thought-out approach to problem-solving. He is a team player and can follow through to ensure assigned tasks get done with little or no supervision. He is a go-getter and I have witnessed his incredible accomplishments over the course of his studentship and career. I am confident that the skills he has developed will allow him to excel within any organization.

Interview Request

I am willing to relocate.

Tel : +404 702 6965


I am seeking a full time position

I’m seeking a full-time position.


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